Visibility & Reporting

Level up decision-making by unlocking data insights using custom metrics and reports.
Do you have the data you need to prevent the next fire drill?

Have the right data at your fingertips, at all times

Make sense of your data with custom dashboards and automated reports, so you can uncover insights and trends. Satisfy your analytics needs without relying on restrictive reporting or SQL queries.

Make Better Decisions

Uncover trends that intersect your supply chain systems, so you can have real-time available data to make intelligent decisions.

Optimize Operations

Monitor your entire supply chain operation’s KPIs, so you can drive efficiency throughout, including calculating reordering points and safety stock.

Save Time

Keep your team focused on tasks that matter by automatically calling out anomalies, alerts and thresholds noticed via intelligent insights.

Connect and transform your supply chain

Extract data from any source (via API, FTP, spreadsheet and email) using PorterLogic's Data Integrator
Transform, translate, aggregate, map and calculate metrics in real-time
Systematically apply business logic to consistently calculate metrics
Augment other analytics tools with additional data and aggregations
Build proprietary data cleansing and augmentation strategies using AI/ML models

Drive insights with data visualization

Build complex dashboards and reports using our low-code screen editor
Interact with and send data in all the ways you already work — email, Slack, text message and more
Use conditional logic and thresholds to trigger alerts inside and outside of the system
Pull and push data between systems, allowing for updates to be sent back to source systems based on your decisions — without human interaction

Improve your operations with personalized reports and dashboards

Define metrics specific to your business
Configure dashboards and reports to match your team’s vocabulary and preferred look and feel
·      Customize business logic and complex calculations
Tailor views according to user roles and groups

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Stop spending hours wrangling pivot tables
Start spending time analyzing data to drive decisions
Leverage our flexible tech stack
Visibility & Reporting
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