Porter Logic

Workflow automation for high-growth supply chains

Growing so fast your systems can't keep up?

We help companies save money by offering a faster and more cost-effective way to get the systems they need to operate.
Are your teams constantly wasting time fighting with your systems and manual workarounds?
Does it feel like you've outgrown your supply chain systems due to your rapid recent growth?
Are you struggling to retain your unique operations that give you a competitive advantage?

We work with high-growth supply chains

From direct-to-consumer retailers to mid-market operations to large enterprises, we work with supply chain organizations that need more flexibility in their systems.

Companies with unique requirements and niche business needs are often left struggling to make supply chain software align with their operations.

Example Use Cases

annual savings

Based on our sample return on investment analysis for an example customer

6 month
breakeven point

Based on the cost to implement PorterLogic when compared to potential savings

Eliminate inefficiencies in both your direct operations as well as indirect support activities by adding PorterLogic as your layer of flexibility.

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Porter Logic

How is this possible?

Read more about our technology, and learn how our platform can reduce costs and streamline operations in your supply chain.

Porter Logic

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