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You do things a little differently. So how can you fit a mold built for someone else? Instead, define your own boundaries.

"Collaborating with the PorterLogic team has been an exceptional experience. Their receptiveness to feedback, seamless partnership and effective communication have greatly contributed to our success. Whether presenting a document or seeking advice, we receive prompt feedback informed by their wealth of past experiences."

Jamie Goldman
Regional Inventory and Change Management Manager
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Dead inventory is money sitting on your shelves. Turn it, don’t burn it.

Reduce wasted inventory in your operations with PorterLogic by:

Eliminating over-purchasing. Track and allocate inventory in real-time to eliminate the costly practice of over-purchasing, reducing waste and saving money.

Minimizing spoiled inventory. Automate cycle counts and proactive warnings so you can adjust production or promotion schedules, ensuring inventory is used or sold before it goes bad.

Optimizing allocation and picking. Tailor your allocation strategies based on your specific attributes to help reduce picking errors and minimize wasted inventory.

Simplifying data management. Research says 89% of spreadsheets have errors. Don’t let that be you. PorterLogic connects all your systems and data sources seamlessly, saving you time and reducing errors.

Increase productivity. Decrease costs. Operate at your peak potential.

Streamline your operations with PorterLogic by: 

Seamlessly integrating with your supply chain stack. Connect to systems seamlessly. PorterLogic simplifies integration, allowing your teams to access critical data effortlessly and make informed decisions without technical headaches.

Addressing your unique requirements with ease. Customize your workflows and interfaces to fit your unique processes, needs and culture, ensuring that your system adapts to your business, not the other way around.

Increasing workforce productivity. Accomplish more in less time with the help of automation and custom-tailored interfaces that reduce training time and clicks.

Reducing costs. Eliminate unnecessary expenses across your organization by increasing efficiency, minimizing errors and optimizing workflows with PorterLogic's supply chain stack that equips you with the exact functionality you need. 

Keeping your customers happy is not just a goal; it's a mission.

Retain customers with PorterLogic by: 

Increasing real-time visibility. Eliminate blind spots in your operations with a supply chain stack that meets your unique needs, helping you make informed decisions that directly impact customer satisfaction.

Streamlining workflows and reports. Spend less time wrangling disparate systems and manual processes and more time focusing on your customers' needs.

Managing by exception and proactively monitor performance. Catch and address trends in real-time, ensuring any issues are resolved swiftly before they impact your customers.

Reducing stockouts, order lead times and backorders. Maintain optimal stock levels, ensuring products are readily available when your customers want them.

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