Procurement Management

Order the right amount at the right time. Optimize your procurement processes to eliminate waste and maximize yield
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How much do you lose on write-offs or rush orders?

Order the right amount, at the right time, every time

Manage suppliers, track inventory, and re-order automatically with fewer headaches. Optimize your procurement processes so you can get orders right every time.

Operate Accurately

Unify your inventory data from suppliers, 3PLs and partners to understand how much product you have, without picking up the phone or logging into a dozen portals.

Analyze Efficiently

Compile a real-time view of your full inventory position quickly and painlessly, avoid extra hires and enable your team to work on high-value initiatives.

Grow Profitability

Reduce the time needed to track POs and ensure accuracy from your suppliers.

Streamline sourcing

Manage your suppliers with access to real-time updates and automated alerts
Quickly identify and evaluate potential suppliers based on your specific criteria

Automate your purchasing processes

Create and manage requisitions electronically, eliminating manual paperwork and streamlining the request submission process
Automate the creation and generation of purchase orders, ensuring accuracy and consistency while reducing processing time
Centralize product data to better negotiate favorable pricing and maintain product specifications

Efficiently manage your vendor relationships

Track order fulfillment in real-time, gaining visibility into the status of their purchases and ensuring timely delivery
Evaluate supplier performance against key metrics such as on-time delivery, product quality and responsiveness

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Stop losing money on rush orders or preventable write-offs
Start using a procurement solution proven to maximize yield
Leverage our flexible tech stack
Procurement Management
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