Procurement Management

Order the right amount at the right time. Optimize your procurement processes, from demand planning to vendor management, to eliminate waste and maximize yield.
How much do you lose on write-offs or rush orders?

Order the right amount, at the right time, every time

Manage suppliers, track inventory and re-order automatically with fewer headaches. Optimize your procurement processes so you can get orders right every time.

Operate Accurately

Unify your inventory data from suppliers, 3PLs and partners to understand how much product you have, without picking up the phone or logging into a dozen portals.

Analyze Efficiently

Compile a real-time view of your full inventory position quickly and painlessly, avoid extra hires and enable your team to work on high-value initiatives.

Grow Profitability

Reduce the time needed to track POs and ensure accuracy from your suppliers.

Automate your purchasing processes

Automate PO creation based on forecast, lead times, triggers and thresholds
Allow vendors to create ASNs automatically via email, API, FTP and more
Track order status and delivery in real-time
Create, edit and manage POs without paperwork, either directly or pulled from another system
Automatically send POs to vendors via any format — email, API, EDI, FTP and more

Efficiently manage your vendor relationships

Centralize product data to negotiate favorable pricing
Evaluate performance against key metrics, such as on-time delivery, product quality and responsiveness
Conduct what-if analysis
Create scorecards, track infractions and chargebacks automatically
Create custom vendor approval workflows
Customize communication preferences — automated emails, API, FTP and more
Manage documents and compliance in one place

Plan your demand

Augment with custom algorithms and rules
Generate forecast based on real-time and historical data with the choice of layering in more data sources
Override forecast for any product/week/category or add in one-time exceptions
Create human-in-the-loop workflows to manage exceptions
View your inventory in real-time, including on-hand, on-order and in-transit by product group, warehouse location, customer segment and more
Programmatically identify products at risk of going out of stock or affected by long lead-times

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Stop losing money on rush orders or preventable write-offs
Start using a procurement solution proven to maximize yield
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Procurement Management
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