Inventory Management

Optimize inventory levels to reduce waste with real-time visibility into your operation
How much are you leaving on the table due to suboptimal inventory levels?

Know what you have, how much, and where you put it, 24/7

Banish stockouts and excess inventory. Gain real-time visibility into the metrics you care about with hyper-tailored user screens and automated workflows.

Operate Leaner and Meaner

Unify your data from suppliers, 3PLs and partners for a clear, accurate snapshot, to monitor performance and manage by exceptions.

Analyze Efficiently

Optimize your workforce to focus on analysis and driving results, rather than wrangling spreadsheets or logging into 10 different systems.

Grow Profitably

Accurate view of supply and demand enables you to make data-informed decisions to spot trends early and having too much or too little.

Unlock visibility into your inventory data in real-time

Get a full and accurate picture of your inventory across your network, including external vendors and partners
See your inventory exactly how you want with customizable views, including global vs. warehouse, finished goods vs. raw components and on-order vs. in-transit
Pull inventory data from internal and external sources with zero human intervention. Use any method: API, CSV, flat files, EDI, automated emails and more.
·      Track granular details, including lots/batches, expiration dates, serial numbers, weight and more
Automate pulling inventory data from external fulfillment sources, including Amazon FBA and Shopify SFN, using our native integrations  
·      Access inventory levels from any device wherever you are, in the office or at home.

Handle kitting and complex product requirements with ease

Manage inventory at both the finished goods, intermediary and component levels
·      Automatically determine finished goods, kitted inventory and buildable quantities
Meet customer compliance requirements by providing accurate inventory and kit/bundle quantities
·      Report inventory against single SKU numbers by automatically mapping supplier and 3PL barcodes

Optimize your inventory position and manage by exception

·      Flag exception scenarios and out-of-the-norm inventory without extensive setup overhead for non-inventory tracking
·      Customize alerts and push to email, Slack, text and more

Embrace real-time inventory data with automated syncing

·      Send inventory data automatically to ERPs, WMSs, ecommerce platforms and more
·      Pull data with no human intervention using API, CSV, flat files, EDI, FTP, automated emails and more
Automate inventory data pulls from external fulfillment sources, including Amazon FBA and Shopify SFN
Stop hoping that you guessed correctly
Gain confidence in your decisions, backed with hard data.
Leverage our flexible tech stack
Inventory Management
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