Business Logic Engine

Custom solutions without
custom code

PorterLogic helps companies reduce supply chain costs by aligning unique requirements with their current systems and processes without custom code

Every supply chain is different

Most companies require customized systems to match the way they operate

Off-the-shelf software often fails to meet business requirements, causing companies to turn to custom solutions or manual workarounds outside of their systems

What if your systems could exactly match the way you operate?

Your operations aren't the problem. It's your software holding you back. But replacing core systems is often not an option.

What you need is a single system that makes your existing software work harmoniously with your business requirements.



Business Logic Engine

Our technology can create the exact functionality you need without changing your operational processes and without the headaches of traditional custom software.

Our platform is built around visual, workflow-based flowcharts that represent your processes, which are automatically converted into actual software.


You can reduce costs in both your direct operations and indirect support activities

Savings based on estimates made against an example implementation. Every project is different, and actual savings may be higher or lower than these estimates. See example ROI for more details.

annual savings

Based on our sample return on investment analysis for an example customer

6 month

breakeven point

Based on the cost to implement PorterLogic when compared to potential savings

Your processes are your advantage

Don't replace the systems you already have. And don't change the way you operate, either. Your unique processes make you different.

It's your processes that set you apart from your competition. Don't lose that advantage just because your software can't do something.

Add PorterLogic to your existing supply chain systems and gain a flexible layer that works the way you do. No more mods. No more workarounds.

Up and running faster than you thought possible

Start building in days, not months

Create the software you need without roadblocks

Reuse data connectors and other logic

Build objects once to use again and again, all in low-code

Have confidence we're here for you

From design to build, we can help as much as you need

Ready to dive in?

Let's make you a hero.