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Reduce costs in your warehousing and logistics

PorterLogic helps companies reduce supply chain-related costs by making existing software systems align more directly with real-world operations

The underlying issue

Misaligned software
is the culprit

Traditional supply chain software is inflexible and inefficient. Getting your systems to match real-world operations with many unique business requirements can be a real challenge.

How do companies traditionally handle unique software requirements?


Change the process to work the way the system does

But the unique processes that set you apart from your competition are arguably the most important part of your business.

Pay for expensive custom system modifications

But customized systems immediately become extremely inflexible. They are difficult to change, hard to maintain, and impossible to upgrade

Work around the system with a manual process

But workarounds are often inefficient and error-prone, and inherited knowledge can make it difficult to onboard new employees

There is a better way

It's called PorterLogic


You can reduce costs in both your direct operations and indirect support activities

Savings based on estimates made against an example implementation. Every project is different, and actual savings may be higher or lower than these estimates. See example ROI for more details.

annual savings

Based on our sample return on investment analysis for an example customer

6 month

breakeven point

Based on the cost to implement PorterLogic when compared to potential savings

Up and running faster than you thought possible

Start building in days, not months

Create the software you need without roadblocks

Reuse data connectors and other logic

Build objects once to use again and again, all in low-code

Have confidence we're here for you

From design to build, we can help as much as you need

Ready to dive in?

Let's make you a hero.


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