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We empower supply chain organizations, and help companies love their software again.


We are changing the way the world builds custom,
one-off software solutions.

PorterLogic is the common understanding between people and machines. It’s a visual system designed such that both humans and computers know what’s happening. No more complicated, obscure code syntax that only developers can understand. PorterLogic allow for truly custom functionality, built without the headaches of traditional software development. We are closing the gap between operations and software.


Atlanta, GA

Year Founded

November 2020


100% SaaS-based, built using containerized microservices

Our team

Founder, CEO & CTO
Jonathan Porter

Jonathan is the chief executive and technology officer at PorterLogic. After working for both established firms and technology startups in the supply chain and business intelligence industries, Jonathan started our company to fill the gaps he saw in existing supply chain software. Jonathan's experience includes large-scale WMS implementations at Manhattan Associates and other consulting firms. Jonathan studied Industrial & Systems Engineering and Engineering & Business at Georgia Tech.

Co-founder & COO
Parker Plunkett

Parker is the chief operating officer at PorterLogic. Her career started in investment banking before moving into financial services consulting. Parker’s background is largely focused on operational excellence, product development, risk & compliance and large-scale system implementations. Parker studied Finance and Engineering & Business at Georgia Tech and holds an MBA from Emory University.

VP of Customer Success
Alex Huggs

Alex is the vice president of customer success at PorterLogic. Alex has extensive experience in functional supply chain and implementation consulting. He has worked at Manhattan Associates as well as multiple startups in the warehousing and transportation industries, and understands what it takes to make startup customers successful. Alex studied Global Supply Chain and Operations Management at the University of South Carolina.

VP of Marketing
Mary Kate McGowan

Mary Kate is the vice president of marketing at PorterLogic. Having worked at multiple industry publications as both a writer and editor, Mary Kate's experience spans a variety of content strategy. She has launched multiple brands, including her own freelance writing business. Mary Kate studied English and Communications at Mississippi State University.

Our beliefs

Success in business means nothing without solid values. So this is what we stand for.

Be curious about the world
Succeed by empowering people
Do what makes you happy
Trust people to do the right thing
Learn to be resilient
Respect all humans

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