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We empower supply chain organizations, and help companies love their software again.


We are changing the way the world builds custom,
one-off software solutions.

PorterLogic is the common understanding between people and machines. It’s a visual system designed such that both humans and computers know what’s happening.

No more complicated, obscure code syntax that only developers can understand. PorterLogic allow for truly custom functionality, built without the headaches of traditional software development.

We are closing the gap between operations and software.

Awards & Recognition

Venture Atlanta
2022 Showcase
Atlanta Startup Awards
2022 Scrappiest Startup
Advanced Technology Development Center
Accelerate Portfolio

Our beliefs

Success in business means nothing without solid values. So this is what we stand for.

Be curious about the world
Succeed by empowering people
Do what makes you happy
Trust people to do the right thing
Learn to be resilient
Respect all humans

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