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We empower supply chain organizations. We help companies love their software again.

Our vision

At PorterLogic, we are democratizing software creation, allowing anyone to build the systems they need. For too long, the syntax of code has limited who can build software. Nontechnical users often know how they want their systems to work, but until now, the code was a roadblock. And most "low-code" systems unfortunately can't deliver true custom functionality, because they deviate too far from the flexibility of code. PorterLogic takes a different approach, exposing the same abilities of code in a visual, intuitive way.

Our location

We are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our team

Founder, CEO & CTO
Jonathan Porter

Jonathan is the founder and chief executive and technology officer at PorterLogic. After a successful career working for both established firms and technology startups in the supply chain and business intelligence industries, Jonathan started our company to fill the gaps he saw in existing supply chain software systems. Jonathan's experience includes large-scale warehouse management system implementations, at Manhattan Associates and other consulting firms. Jonathan studied Industrial & Systems Engineering and Engineering & Business at Georgia Tech.

Mary Kate McGowan

Mary Kate is the chief marketing and digital officer at PorterLogic. Having worked at multiple industry publications as both a writer and editor, Mary Kate's experience spans a wide variety of content strategy. She has been involved in launching multiple new brands, including her own freelance writing business. Mary Kate is involved with PorterLogic's marketing and messaging, refining our positioning and honing how we communicate with our customers. Mary Kate studied English and Communications at Mississippi State University.

Our beliefs

Success in business means nothing without solid values. So this is what we stand for.

Be curious about the world
Succeed by empowering people
Do what makes you happy
Trust people to do the right thing
Learn to be resilient
Respect all humans

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