Assembly Execution

Reduce waste and increase capacity by optimizing your assembly, kitting and manufacturing operations.

Decease COGS

Avoid write-offs by optimizing quantity and timing of raw materials

Increase Capacity

Drive greater productivity and throughput with interfaces and processes custom-tailored to how you work.

Grow Demand

Delight your customers with faster fulfillment and the right order, every time.

Facilitate execution of work orders

Automatically or manually facilitate work orders, kitting, assembly or other manufacturing tasks
Create mobile and tablet user flows for executing work
Work with any barcode scanning device
Generate production task lists based on user roles

Optimize components and BOMs

Check component availability and calculate quantity of finished goods that can be assembled
Manage production BOMs and task lists
Create and track multi-level assemblies
Generate suggestions from demand and supply data using sales, stock on hand, transfers, production, assembly and supplier information

Manage resources efficiently

Manage shop floor locations, work centers and specify labor resources
Manage supplier, customer and regulatory documents in one place
Keep an audit trail and maintain automatic logs for all activities
Trace products and stock transfers by any attribute, such as serial, lot, expiration and more

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Grow your capacity exponentially with an intelligent system
Leverage our flexible tech stack
Assembly Execution
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