Warehouse Plug-Ins

Decrease waste and drive productivity across your warehouse with a WMS hyper-tailored to your products, workforce, and processes.
How much margin are you leaving on the table?

Improve your perfect order rate and eliminate waste

In the warehouse, every second and every click counts. Perfect receiving, putaway, picking, and packing processes to maximize throughput and optimize your operation.

Delight Customers

Build a loyal customer base by decreasing fulfillment times and increasing order accuracy.

Drive Revenue

Capitalize on new opportunities with tools that enable you to quickly adapt to launch new products, fulfillment options, and delivery promises.

Save Time

Build workflows tailored to your ideal fulfillment process to improve productivity and capture time savings.

Optimize inbound receiving

Reduce waste from spoiled or damaged goods by capturing the issues at the dock
Manage your warehouse’s inbound sorting, palletization and cross-docking capabilities
Speed up your receiving processes with automated decision-making, including conditional logic, question/answer, custom conditional logic and decision-tree flow
Drive efficiency with infinitely flexible putaway logic to handle multiple temperature zones, storage criteria and food safety requirements
Manage the receipt of goods against a PO or ASN and directly accept programmatic ASNs via API, EDI or automated emails from vendors

Keep tabs on your inventory

Control your inventory via LPN tracking, barcoding and infinite location types, including lot, serial numbers and expiration dates
Streamline your inventory management with recall logic, directed disposition, permission-based inventory adjustments and actionable data insights
Never worry about running out of inventory with automated replenishment based on product thresholds and inventory status
·      Automate rack locations with unlimited types, such as pull pallet, case pack, active pick and bulk
Use support for cycle count and physical count to track your inventory levels

Ship outbound orders faster

Optimize your outbound shipping processes with waved or waveless allocation strategies as well as FIFO, FEFO, LIFO or any other allocation methods based on product and order attributes
Customize your pick, pack and ship flow with zone and batch picking, advanced kitting and work order management
Streamline your operations with pick path optimization, warehouse execution systems (WES) and order orchestration
Boost efficiency of value-add services (VAS), including price ticketing, gift wrapping and promotional inserts
Send automated shipping alerts, reports and ASNs when you ship orders to your customers
Integrate with order entry portals and order aggregation from multiple data sources, such as Shopify and Amazon

Unite your data with native integrations and support

Unlock visibility into your operations with an integrated control tower of your warehouse operations with connections with ecommerce platforms, including Amazon and Shopify
Enable multiple warehouse support as well as mobile, tablet and thin-client support
Streamline warehouse floor productivity reporting with fully customizable dashboards for leadership
Integrate directly with AMRs, AGVs, pick-to-light, put-to-store and other robotic sortation systems
Stop manually fulfilling orders
Start using a warehouse management system proven to increase efficiency
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Warehouse Plug-Ins
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