Data Integrator

Unite data across your ecosystem, without moving master data or making changes to existing systems.

Drive Efficiencies

Automatically pull data from disparate systems across all business units and partners, with or without APIs.

Reduce Costs

Prevent costly errors from human error and optimize headcount.

Reduce Errors

Be confident in your actions with clean, accurate, real-time data powering your decisions.

Connect to any system, with or without APIs

Connect to legacy systems that don’t support modern APIs via automated emails
Integrate SMS text messaging capabilities and alerts with your systems, so users don’t have to download another app

Eliminate system integration headaches

Decrease system integration time by more than 90% by simply uploading a sample message and avoiding interface design meetings
Automatically generate integration documentation based on PorterLogic workflows
Edit data field mappings in minutes

Integrate data from anywhere

Supported message and file formats: REST APIs (JSON); SOAP APIs (XML); Flat files (TXT); CSV; XLSX; PDF
Supported protocols: API; DB Query; GraphQL; SFTP; EDI; Email; SMS/text message
Native integrations: Google Drive, including Sheets, Docs and Slides; SharePoint; Dropbox; Salesforce; Amazon; Slack; any app that supports OAuth2.0

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Stop copying and pasting between systems
Unite data automatically from all sources, with or without an API
Leverage our flexible tech stack
Data Integrator
in weeks

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