Plans & Pricing

All plans are billed as an annual subscription
A great way to get started with PorterLogic.
  • Access to all features in PorterLogic to get real work done.
  • Everything you need bundled together at a price you can afford.
An expanded plan to help your company thrive.
  • Increased usage limits to allow for additional work in PorterLogic.
  • Priority support for any questions or issues to help you succeed.
  • Access to advanced security features to control who can do what.
For when you're really ready to do some serious logic.
  • Further expanded usage limits to reach all corners of your company.
  • Security that enables innovation without the legacy limits.
  • Dedicated success manager with priority support to fix any issues.
  • Robust features to further personalize your company's experience.
Plans personalized to exactly what your company needs.
  • A combination of exactly what you need to acheive your requirements.
  • Enterprise-level controls and features to fit your requirements.
  • Dedicated success manager with guaranteed 4-hour first response SLA.
  • Personalized onboarding and professional services available.





Runs per month
5 GB
10 GB
200 GB
10 TB
Knowledge base
User community
Base support
Priority support
Dedicated manager
4-hour first response time
Personalized onboarding
Professional services
Advanced permissions
Custom DNS support
SSO support
Organization-level administration

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What is a workflow?
Workflows are the backbone of PorterLogic. Workflows allow you to flexibly mimic business processes, and allow you to do real work easier than ever before. Integrations and screens are two key components of any workflow, connecting PorterLogic to your existing systems and allowing you to create custom user interfaces to facilitate your processes.
What is a run / run per month?
Every time a workflow is executed, that counts as one run. Whether that workflow is triggered by a user accessing a screen, an email received to a monitored inbox, or a scheduled job triggering a conditional update, each of those counts as one run. We track every executed run, and admins have access to a history of all runs. We limit the number of runs per month on some of our plans to account for the amount of processing power needed to execute each of those runs.
Why would I need storage space?
Storage space is used when data is stored in PorterLogic. Administrators and citizen developers can create custom database tables in the system to save data to handle a variety of business scenarios. We set limits on the amount of data stored in the system due to the costs associated with storage space. We can also accomidate varied storage needs with our Custom plan.
Is my data safe?
Yes. We take data security and privacy very seriously. PorterLogic is built on the Google Cloud Platform, with industry-leading security and complicance best practicies built-in. You can read more about Google Cloud's security features here.
Do you offer professional services / ongoing support?
Yes. While we believe in empowering our customers, we understand that some clients want our help getting started or on an ongoing basis. All of our pricing plans come packaged with a self-service portal, plus access to our user community and basic support for software bugs and issues. We also offer more in-depth professional services plans to meet all of your needs, and we work with a variety of third-party Partners as well who can help you achieve your project goals. Please contact us for additional details.
How can my company join your Partner Program?
If you are an independent or third-party consultant or consulting firm, or if you are a supply chain software vendor, and are interested in working with us to help customers implement their projects, we offer revenue sharing plans that help enable you to say yes to more customer requests. Please contact us for additional details.
What are Templates and who creates them?
Templates allows you to add pre-built workflows to your project. Both our team as well as our engaged community of experts create these and share them with the world. You can take these apps and use them as-is, or as a starting point to make real work happen for your business.
What happens when I hit my usage limits?
We put limits on some of our plans in order to offer competitive pricing due to the costs of the processing and storage on our end. If you need more than what's available, we can work with you to design a custom plan to meet your needs. Many of our customers begin modeling a small process on our Starter plan and quickly see the value of upgrading. When you are near the limits of your current plan, we will send you warning emails to alert you. If you exceed your usage limits, we will automatically upgrade you to the next usage tier, as to not interrupt your workflows and processes.
What are your available payment options?
We will send you an electronic invoice for your annual subscription, which you can pay via bank account or credit/debit card. We use Stripe to process your payments. We never directly receive or store your banking or card details.
What is your cancellation policy?
If at any point you find your organization is no longer getting value from PorterLogic, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. Because we bill annually, we let you continue accessing your account until your current billing period expires. After that, you and your users will lose access to your workflows and screens. We keep your data for two years after you cancel (unless otherwise denoted by specific contractual obligations), and you are able to reinstate your account at any time within that period.