Release notes

V2: Kashyyyk

March 1, 2022 6:10 AM

As we continue to build towards our long-term product roadmap, one of the next major steps was tackling mobile, which we are excited to announce is ready for the world. Our Kashyyyk release also includes a wide variety of new screen components, including beautiful and interactive charts and visualizations, as well as a number of new LogicBlocks, with features like advanced file processing, enhanced email pipelines, and internal optimizations.

Mobile Ready

Mobile devices play a major role in many supply chain functions. Whether we’re talking about barcode scanners used to receive or putaway products, or driver tablets used as part of a delivery routine, supply chain is all about being on the go, so supporting mobile devices with our workflows was of top priority. We are excited to announce that PorterLogic supports Android devices through a progressive web app (PWA) architecture. Users can now access LogicFlows in a mobile friendly setting to further support advanced automations and efficiencies in warehousing, transportation, and beyond.

Enhanced UI Components and LogicBlocks

To support additional customer use cases, we have built a number of advanced UI components that can be added to screens created in PorterLogic. From basic graphs like bar charts to more advanced visualizations like radar and radial charts, custom screens can now grow more visually rich to aid in decision making and data analysis. Furthermore, we have also added new LogicBlocks that allow for additional processing capabilities within a LogicFlow. Additional features related to file and email processing allow for more functionality to be built, and aid in our integrations and ingestion of data.

Usability Improvements

Our platform as a whole continues to mature with a host of new usability improvements designed to make the user experience as streamlined as our LogicFlows are powerful. Loads of internal updates and fixes under-the-hood continue to make our product easier to navigate and simpler to use. We continue to work with top tier UX talent as well as garnering feedback from our customers to improve usability.

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