Release notes

V2.1: Alaris Prime

December 6, 2022 3:00 AM

The largest update to our platform to date is here. Our v2.1 release, Alaris Prime, includes a new-and-improved set of low-code editors, support for versions of LogicFlows andLogicFlow templates.

These new capabilities are designed to make onboarding, implementing and supporting your use cases faster and easier than ever.

Create LogicFlow from Templates

Starting from a blank page is always a challenge. To solve for that, we’ve created Templates. No matter how nuanced and unique a requirement, a starting point makes it far easier to get up and running. 

The new Templates cover everything from basic screens to full warehouse functions like receiving, cycle counting and order picking. They can easily be installed and then infinitely tweaked using our low-code editors. 

Starting with a Template can speed up LogicFlow creation tenfold. 

Improved low-code UX

Welcome to the future of low-code. We’ve further enhanced our low-code editors, making it simpler and more intuitive to build data flows, screens, automations and more. We’ve gathered real-world feedback and infused those observations into a low-code editor that works exactly the way you want. No extra bloat, no needless columns or finicky requirements – everything you need and nothing you don’t in a low-code editor. 

We’re tired of everyone failing to deliver a low-code experience that actually lives up to the hype – so we built it ourselves.

Full versioning of LogicFlows

Previously only a single version of a LogicFlow could be created for each environment. Managing those flows could become difficult over time, especially if you had multiple versions of a flow you wanted to test. To solve that, we’ve introduced support for versioning of flows – an unlimited number of versions of a LogicFlow can be created and then published to various environments. 

Quickly and seamlessly publish (or unpublish) a version from an environment to make management of functionality straightforward and easy to understand.

Native integrations with full OAuth2.0 support

We’ve built a number of native integrations to common external apps and services, including Amazon (Selling Partners & FBA), Salesforce, Dropbox, Sharepoint, Slack and Google Drive. We’ve also added full OAuth2.0 support for any API Connection – any external application that authenticates using OAuth2.0 can now be connected to with just a few clicks – no code required. 

Pull and push data from all the systems you already use, so you don’t lose the investments you’ve already made, while adding a layer of flexibility previously only possible with custom code.

Explore how you can build the exact functionality you need with PorterLogic’s low-code supply chain application platform.

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