Release notes

V0: Coruscant

July 30, 2021 6:21 AM

Our Coruscant release includes many of the core features and infrastructure required to make PorterLogic what it is. As an MVP, or minimum viable product, we built this initial version of our product as a proof of concept, to test and demonstrate the technology and gather feedback from prospective customers and potential users.

LogicFlow Engine

The LogicFlow engine is the core that powers PorterLogic. Our proprietary technology translates visual flowcharts into custom software, without the hassle and inefficiency traditionally associated with developing custom systems. This core engine handles everything from integrations, automations, dynamic screen rendering, and everything in between.

Visual, UI-Based Configuration Editors

All objects within PorterLogic are created and updated using visual editors accessed via our web-based user interface. Each object type has its own editor, with the LogicFlow Editor being the primary configuration destination. We heavily utilize drag-and-drop functionality in our editors to provide configuration users with a seamless and simple experience.

Core Infrastructure

Unlike some MVPs, we built out a fully functional version of our application, including all infrastructure for users, companies, roles, etc. We built our own extremely robust permissions framework, allowing for the most granular controls possible over who can access what in the system. We also built a three-tiered logging framework to make troubleshooting and issue resolution easier than ever before.

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