Release notes

PorterLogic Releases Product Update V3: Felucia

June 14, 2023 1:12 PM

Meet PorterLogic's enhanced user experience (UX) and powerful low-code capabilities. With the Felucia release of PorterLogic, we have substantially invested in improving the platform's editor, configuration and low-code aspects, resulting in a game-changing improvement.

Key features of PorterLogic 3.0

Document management

We understand the importance of seamlessly handling files and documents within the platform. With PorterLogic 3.0, you can now effortlessly upload, manage and download files and documents. Capture pictures of bills of lading (BOLs) or damaged inventory and save them within PorterLogic.

Better yet, utilize the power of our low-code platform to automate processes by attaching files to a Send Email block in a LogicFlow, enabling automatic email notifications to your inventory control team.

Single barcode login for associates 

Security and efficiency are paramount in today's fast-paced business environment. To streamline access for your associates on mobile devices and barcode scanners, we have introduced the ability to log in to PorterLogic via a single barcode scan. 

This feature ensures both quick access and stringent security measures, providing a seamless experience for your team.

Enhanced multi-tenant management

As our partner ecosystem expands, we recognize the need to cater to various use cases. This release includes improvements to our multi-tenant management capabilities, offering additional tools to support our growing partner community in managing their customers effectively. 

With these enhancements, you can efficiently oversee and administer multiple customer accounts, further strengthening your client relationship.

Infrastructure and scalability improvements

We have made significant investments in the back-end infrastructure of PorterLogic to enhance its performance and scalability. These improvements ensure that the platform accommodates increasing user demands while maintaining optimal performance.

General usability improvements and bug fixes 

Our commitment to continuously improving PorterLogic extends beyond the significant feature updates. In version 3.0, we have made various usability improvements and bug fixes.

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