PorterLogic Founder Talks Simplifying Complex Supply Chains on Atlanta Startup Podcast

January 17, 2023 2:11 PM

ATLANTA, Ga. (Jan. 17, 2023) — Why is the supply chain so ripe for disruption now? 

PorterLogic's CEO and Founder, Jonathan Porter, recently answered that question and more on an episode of the Atlanta Startup Podcast.

On the pod, Jonathan talked about:

  • How supply chains became so disrupted over the last couple of years has resulted in the current macroeconomic supply chain picture
  • What it’s like building a startup in Atlanta 
  • How PorterLogic was born from numerous iterations of customer discovery and his time as a supply chain software consultant

Listen to the full episode.

About PorterLogic

PorterLogic is the supply chain tech stack for ambitious brands. We help customers drive profitable and efficient growth by replacing spreadsheet-driven processes and filling operational gaps without changing their existing systems. Our customers use the visual, low-code platform to build internal applications, connect systems and automate tasks across their entire value chain. We are uniquely suited to help achieve your ambitious goals because we are built specifically for supply chain. Every feature of the platform is tailored to the needs of the supply chain organization, with extreme flexibility to support any nuanced requirements and quick launches within 8 weeks. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn more at porterlogic.com


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