PorterLogic Founder Talks Low-Code Supply Chain Solutions on Digital Supply Chain Podcast

June 19, 2023 7:37 PM

ATLANTA, Ga. (June 19, 2023) — How can high-growth organizations adopt new systems without losing their supply chain secret sauce? Hint: not through packaged or legacy systems. 

PorterLogic's CEO and Founder, Jonathan Porter, recently joined Tom Raftery on the Digital Supply Chain podcast to delve into how companies can navigate supply chain challenges, optimize processes and maintain their competitive edge. 

On the pod, Jonathan talked about how:

  • His background in implementing warehouse management systems for large firms led him to create PorterLogic as a better solution.
  • Companies face challenges in managing their supply chains, and how PorterLogic offers a comprehensive platform to address them.
  • PorterLogic's low-code workflows allow users to tailor the system to their needs and processes.
  • PorterLogic seamlessly integrates with existing systems.

Listen to the full episode.

About PorterLogic

PorterLogicis a low-code supply chain operations platform that replaces all the spreadsheets typically used to manage warehouses and inventory. High-growth supply chain teams use the visual, low-code platform to build internal applications, connect systems and automate tasks across their supply chain – from order management and demand planning to inventory and warehousing. With PorterLogic, supply chain teams can optimize their competitive advantage without being constrained by an off-the-shelf system. Rather than forcing our customers into a box, PorterLogic molds to their operations, helping you efficiently scale their businesses profitably. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn more at porterlogic.com.


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