PorterLogic Founder Shares How to Boost Customer Experience with Supply Chain Tech

April 3, 2023 1:03 PM

ATLANTA, Ga. (April 3, 2023) — You must stand out to survive in this world of booming ecommerce brands. And part of surviving is understanding that the customer is king. Customer experience has emerged as one of the leading drivers of success for brands that sell online. Leveraging supply chain technology can help you meet — and exceed — customer needs and expectations, winning you customer loyalty and repeat revenue. 

PorterLogic's CEO and Founder Jonathan Porter explored four high-impact places ecommerce brands can leverage supply chain technologies to stand out from competitors in a Hypepotamus article. 

“The end-to-end supply chain is full of opportunities to boost customer experience. From little tweaks to more significant upgrades, ecommerce brands must take advantage of the innovations coming out of the supply chain industry to stand apart from the competition," he wrote in the article. “There are four common touchpoints where the supply chain and customers intersect: discovery, purchasing, delivery and returns. You can use supply chain innovations at these touchpoints to tweak your processes, improving your customers’ overall experience so much that your brand wins fans for life."

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About PorterLogic

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