PorterLogic Co-founder Talks Mastering Data and Inventory on The New Warehouse Podcast

September 4, 2023 4:10 PM

ATLANTA, Ga. (Sept. 4, 2023) — Anya Skomorokhova, co-founder and chief operating officer of Porte Logic, was the featured guest on the latest episode of 'The New Warehouse.' In this enlightening conversation, Anya and host Kevin discuss the vital significance of data in today's supply chain and warehousing industry, shedding light on the complexities and challenges of data management and the growing demand for comprehensive solutions.

On the pod, Anya talked about the key takeaways that underscore the importance of inventory management, data-driven decision-making, data quality, holistic solutions and technology integration in the modern supply chain and warehousing industry:

  • Inventory is the cornerstone: In the supply chain and warehousing world, all challenges often revolve around inventory. Inventory management is at the heart of addressing these issues, whether it's stockouts, delayed shipments or inflexibility.
  • Data as a predictive tool: Data isn't just about historical information but also a predictive tool. Accurate data and key performance indicators (KPIs) can serve as leading indicators for future market trends, helping businesses proactively address challenges and seize opportunities.
  • Data quality matters: The quality of data directly impacts decision-making. Timeliness and standardization are essential for data quality. Real-time data is crucial in a rapidly changing market environment, and standardized definitions promote trust and consistency among team members.
  • A holistic approach to solutions: Porter Logic's approach addresses inventory and warehousing and extends into order management and demand planning. This comprehensive strategy ensures that businesses optimize their entire supply chain.
  • Technology is key: Technology plays a crucial role in data management and supply chain optimization. Businesses, regardless of their size, should invest in systems with robust connectivity and API integrations to streamline data consolidation and adapt to unique operational needs.

Listen to the full episode.

About PorterLogic

PorterLogic fixes what your ERP broke in your supply chain. We are a software platform that works with your existing systems to remove the workarounds and manual effort in running your operation. Rather than being forced into an off-the-shelf box, manufacturers, distributors and retailers use the platform to build hyper-tailored user applications, automate workflows, and connect systems — across warehousing, inventory, procurement, returns and more. As a standalone solution or a bolt-on, PorterLogic's composable building blocks enable you to adapt quickly, build on what works and deprecate what doesn't without huge disruptions to your operation. Follow us on LinkedIn and visit porterlogic.com to learn more.


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