PorterLogic Co-Founder Predicts 2023 B2B SaaS Trends

December 7, 2022 11:23 AM

ATLANTA, Ga. (Dec. 7, 2022) — No crystal ball can predict what challenges and trends B2B SaaS companies will see in 2023. But we can prepare.

Hypepotamus recently published an article highlighting accomplishments from B2B SaaS startups across the Southeast region and discussing some predicted trends for the new year. Anya Skomorokhova, co-founder of PorterLogic, shared her thoughts on where the B2B SaaS ecosystem specifically is heading next with other startup community leaders. 

According to Anya, here's what could be coming down the pike for B2B SaaS in 2023:

"A tightening of spending in B2B will force greater scrutiny of software purchases, prompting the need to build stronger business cases for any new expenditures. SaaS providers will spend more effort searching for budgets and justifying the ROI of their solutions. It’ll become ever more critical to pinpoint pains and conclusively demonstrate why the investment is worthwhile.

Keeping in line with a shift to thriftier times, B2B SaaS will look more carefully at their own marketing and re-balance in favor of channels that present stronger outcomes and/or are more flexible to vary spending."

Hypepotamus is an Atlanta-based media organization focused on covering startups around the southeast U.S.

Read the full article.

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