Our Founder Jonathan Shares His WMS Knowledge on Supply Chain Industry Show

May 13, 2022 9:00 AM

ATLANTA—PorterLogic is excited to share that our founder, Jonathan, was recently a guest on a live-streamed podcast with a leading supply chain consulting firm.

On the "Let's Talk Supply Chain's Action Items with Dyci" segment, sponsored by New Gen Architects, Jonathan explored the challenges companies face with supply chain and warehousing technology. Joined on the episode by NGA's Kimberlee Owens, principal architect, Jonathan shared his expertise on why many supply chains are forced to customize the systems they use and dove into best practices for managing requirements that don't fit into off-the-shelf solutions.

You can watch the recording of Jonathan and Kimberlee's conversation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR2SGPwQEmg. This conversation was originally streamed live on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook.

About Let's Talk Supply Chain

Let's Talk Supply Chain is a supply chain educational content producer, featuring podcasts, live streams, events, social and video content consumed by millions worldwide. They feature the top of the industry, diverse voices from within the community, new innovation and the disrupters making waves.

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About New Gen Architects

New Gen Architects are business and digital architecture advisors to companies seeking to scale their retail and direct-to-consumer operations through supply chain transformation. NGA experts guide clients on technology tool selection, project management and transformation road mapping, and support scalable and efficient supply chain transformation.

Learn more about New Gen Architects by visiting their website or reaching out via hello@newgenarchitects.com.

About PorterLogic

PorterLogic helps companies reduce supply chain-related costs by making existing software systems align more directly with real-world operations. A leading supply chain software solution provider based in Atlanta, Ga., our platform allows for added flexibility and agility in your supply chain by making software systems work without the handcuffs of traditional custom modification​s​.

For more information about PorterLogic, you can schedule a call directly with our team, or connect with us on LinkedIn (in/porterlogic) or Twitter (@porterlogic).

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