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New Gen Architects Partners with PorterLogic

July 5, 2022 1:52 PM

Atlanta, Ga. (July 5, 2022) – New Gen Architects today announced a partnership with PorterLogic to deliver secure and agile software solutions that align with real-world operations. The collaboration combines PorterLogic’s cloud-native platform with New Gen Architects’ strategic supply chain consulting services to offer clients control over data usage and storage alongside best practice solutions for software implementations and technical architecture roadmapping. 

Both New Gen Architects and PorterLogic understand the value of secure, robust technology solutions that allow companies of all sizes to scale. Joining forces creates benefits in many directions as PorterLogic can position its offerings with New Gen Architects as their implementation partner. Having hands-on experience in the software space gives PorterLogic a distinct advantage in knowing the pains and limitations of many supply chain point systems, especially the warehouse management system (WMS), while New Gen Architects provides counsel on how clients can best fit PorterLogic into their digital transformation journey. New Gen Architects also provides organizational assessment services, helping clients upskill and reskill their internal resources to ensure user adoption and realization of digital transformation goals.

“Our partnership with New Gen Architects highlights both of our organizations’ strengths, allowing us to solve customer’s supply chain challenges by drawing on our natural synergies,” said PorterLogic Founder and CEO Jonathan Porter. “Together, we can empower companies by giving them solutions tailored specifically to their business challenges faster, cheaper and more efficiently.”

With a large percentage of organizations unprepared for digital transformation, the move to spotlight technology vendors and their configuration talent is timely. Where the strategic process can be complex and nuanced, New Gen Architects serves as a strategic advisor that allows technology partners to keep their focus on building secure and valuable software.  

“At New Gen Architects, we believe in walking the walk and talking the talk, which means aligning with dependable and savvy partners like PorterLogic,” said New Gen Architects CEO Dyci Sfregola. “Bridging the gap between business and technology means engaging the right collaborators. Getting it right can yield efficiencies and savings that deliver true, recurring ROI.”  

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About New Gen Architects

New Gen Architects guides clients on technology tool selection, project management and transformation road mapping. We are business and digital architecture advisors to companies seeking to scale their retail and direct-to-consumer operations through supply chain transformation. Our team helps clients rethink their engineering process, identify the right technology and partners, and empower employees and stakeholders all to achieve target goals.

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About PorterLogic

PorterLogic helps companies reduce supply chain-related costs by making existing software systems align more directly with real-world operations. A leading supply chain software solution provider based in Atlanta, Ga., PorterLogic creates the exact system functionality you need —without changing your operational processes or the headaches that come with traditional custom software. For more information, visit

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