How to Unlock Inventory, Ease Peak Season Pressure: PorterLogic Founder Published in Startup Publication

October 31, 2022 8:38 AM

ATLANTA, Ga. (Oct. 31, 2022) — Going into this peak season, many retailers are asking the same question: “How in the world will I know how much inventory I need when the last two years of demand data are skewed?” 

During these uncertain times and in the ever-fluctuating market, entrepreneurs and brands need to be scrappy by being smarter with their inventory management. 

PorterLogic's CEO and Founder, Jonathan Porter, shared tips on how retailers can unlock their inventory to help them fulfill more demand from less inventory in a Hypepotamus article. The article explores three ways DTC retailers and brands can relieve peak season pressure and unlock flexibility to help them weather this turbulent peak season. 

“To maximize your inventory, you must first know how much you have. An accurate view of your total inventory position can help you strategically position your products to fulfill demand faster,” Porter wrote for the Atlanta-based media organization focused on covering startups around the southeast U.S. “And I’m not just talking about the inventory in your or your suppliers’ warehouses. Your holistic inventory data should include product lead time data and the often-forgotten products that are on-order and in-transit. A unified, holistic view of your inventory can help ensure you can maximize the demand you can capture.”

Read the full article.

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