BestStartup.us Lists PorterLogic as a Pioneering Software Startup

February 26, 2024 10:58 AM

ATLANTA, GA. (February 26, 2024) — PorterLogic, the supply chain stack for ambitious teams, is proud to announce its recognition by BestStartup.us as one of Atlanta's pioneering software companies. This prestigious accolade highlights PorterLogic's commitment to helping manufacturers and distributors fix what their ERPs break in their supply chains — from warehousing and inventory to procurement, orders and more.

BestStartup.us, an online publication that showcases innovative US startups to help the company grow and scale, has recognized PorterLogic as one of Atlanta's pioneering startup ecosystem. 

Atlanta has long sat at the crossroads of logistics and innovation. Home to the world's busiest airport and with proximity to major ports and intersections of critical interstates, Atlanta has become a vibrant hub for software startups. These pioneering ventures are reshaping the software landscape, spanning diverse fields from fintech to logistics.

"We are proud to call Atlanta home. This city's growing startup ecosystem has a contagious energy focused on collaboration and community," said PorterLogic Founder and CEO Jonathan PorterLogic. "Being featured on this list showcases our local partner ecosystem and innovative supply chain tech stack."

This acknowledgment comes on the heels of US Venture News featuring PorterLogic as a standout Atlanta startup, CEO and Founder Jonathan Porter winning the Emerging Leader Award from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and Anya Skomorokhova being named a recipient of the Women in Supply Chain Award

For more information about PorterLogic and its supply chain solutions, visit https://www.porterlogic.com/.

About PorterLogic

PorterLogic fixes what your ERP broke in your supply chain — from warehousing and inventory to procurement, orders and more. Purpose-built for supply chain operators, the platform plugs into your existing systems to facilitate all the functions required to bring in raw components, convert them to finished goods and fulfill customer orders. We help distributors and manufacturers who do their own assembly, kitting and order fulfillment streamline their operations by hyper-tailoring user interfaces, automating workflows and connecting systems. 

 Follow us on LinkedIn and visit porterlogic.com to learn more.


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