Case Study

PorterLogic and Vizion partner to maximize supply chain visibility with automated alerts

Business Profile

Industry: Shipping and cargo

Product: API-based cargo monitoring and tracking

Systems: Vizion API

Channels: SMB Shippers

"PorterLogic allows us to deliver our high-quality data to users of one of the leading supply chain dashboards available, including automated alerts that align to the shipping events most important to PorterLogic users."
Kyle Henderson
Vizion Co-Founder and CEO

Pain Point: Vizion identified an opportunity to expand its revenue by reaching customers that wanted a user interface (UI) to view their data. But as an API-only company with complex data processing logic, Vizion needed both a partner and a solution that solved for more than a standard UI layer and could automate the container data processing steps.

Value Proposition: PorterLogic is helping Vizion's customers simplify tracking their containers and focus their attention through automated alerts so they can manage by exception.

Opportunity: Vizion streamlines container tracking data across 98% of carriers and unlocks visibility into a notoriously tricky area of the supply chain. But small and mid-market customers who needed more internal resources to build a sophisticated container tracking dashboard had no choice but to manage and process the data in a spreadsheet manually. 

Solution: PorterLogic supercharges Vizion's data feed and delights its customers through dashboarding and alerting capabilities. PorterLogic's dashboard will help Vizion's customers more easily track their containers and receive automated alerts so they know where to focus their attention and manage by exception.

PorterLogic's dashboarding capabilities extend beyond just being a UI. Vizion's API demands inbound data processing, conditional checks and alerting. Additionally, there was a need for multiple customers with segregated data, which PorterLogic's flexible workflows and integrations can handle. 

Time to Achieve: 45 Days

Data Required: Container API data


Fully turnkey UI and dashboard that allow Vizion's customer team to spin up new customers in just minutes

Fully automated data management and alerting

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