Case Study

PorterLogic and leading 3PL modernize operations without replacing WMS

Business Profile

Industry: Third-party warehousing and distribution company (3PL)


WMS: Camelot Excalibur WMS (on-prem)

ERP: Microsoft Dynamics (on-prem)

Other: Emails

Capture the exact supply chain functionality you need, without changing your existing systems.

Pain Point: Modernizing their warehouse management without replacing their existing WMS that's ingrained in every process

Value Proposition: Integrate with their existing systems, helping the 3PL process more orders, reduce operational costs and gain new customer accounts. 

Opportunity: The 3PL was spending hours doing manual data entry of receipt and order information. 

Solution: PorterLogic integrates with their existing WMS and builds various data flows to automatically create receipts and orders within the 3PL's existing systems.

Opportunity: The customer service team manually entered customer receipt and order data. 

Solution: PorterLogic automatically ingests and generates reports from their customers — even those without API connections — freeing up the customer service team’s time to serve more customers.

Time to Achieve: 45 days

Data Required: Sales orders


Completely automated order entry process

880 hours saved annually

293% ROI

4-month breakeven

Increase yield. Improve margins. Hit your targets. 

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