Enterprise Resource Planning

Trust your inventory data with a lightweight ERP tailored to your unique needs. Launch in weeks and capture cost savings.
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How much do you trust your inventory data?

Manage supply and demand in one place with an accurate, real-time view of your entire operation

Your ERP solution should fit your business like a glove. Manage your supply and demand in one place — no extraneous spreadsheets needed.

Drive Decisions

Have all the information at your fingertips to make informed decisions for your entire organization.

Save Time

Banish error-prone, time-consuming spreadsheets and free up your team to work on high-value initiatives.

Unlock growth

Identify cost savings, efficiencies and opportunities with a unified, accurate view of your entire operation.

Seamlessly manage your supply chain

Keep tabs on all the inventory moving throughout your supply chain, from suppliers to production to shipping to customers
Automatically track inventory as it moves through production or kitting processes and when it's shipped to customers — no manual inventory tracking processes needed
Automate reordering and purchasing based on product thresholds with configurable approval workflows
Manage purchase orders, including PO planning and scheduling based on demand
Never lose track of in-transit inventory by controlling inventory transfers within your network with automated optimization recommendations

Streamline production and kitting management

Manage any production process with fully configurable screen flows, from meal kit cooking and building to complex alcohol bottling
Optimize your kit recipes and maximize component inventory with bills of material planning and scenario analysis
Maximize captured demand without waste by unlocking full visibility into production schedules and automatically correlating your inventory and demand

Capture the single source of truth for all your operations

Gain visibility into your entire supply chain by unifying operations and integrating all your systems and data sources
Connect to data from external companies, including your suppliers, 3PLs and distributors, by automatically pulling data into a single set of dashboards
Keep your team focused on the most high-value areas of your operations with built-in intelligence and highly configurable alerts

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Stop calling vendors and suppliers for outdated inventory data
Start using a flexible ERP built to your exact needs
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Enterprise Resource Planning
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