Logistics Management

Improve service levels and maximize revenue per truck by optimizing loads, drivers, and equipment.
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Could your idle equipment drive more revenue?

Optimize your fleet operation

Banish spreadsheets to wrangle scheduling, tracking, and compliance. Hyper-tailor user screens and workflows for everyone from the logistics manager to the truck driver.

Maximize Revenue per Mile

Minimize idle drivers and equipment by optimizing schedules and routes

Optimize Workforce

Increase productivity & efficiency across the workforce

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Ensure your customers always get the level of service they signed up for

Consolidate and manage your loads

Aggregate loads automatically across all sources - both internal and external
Automatically fill extra time with most profitable loads
Customize the ranking of loads according to your specific business logic
Keep your team focused on the most high-value areas of your operations with built-in intelligence and highly configurable alerts
Manage trailer pools and relays effortlessly

Optimize dispatching and schedules

Automate load-to-driver recommendations to optimize capacity and driver satisfaction
Honor driver availability, preferences, appointment windows, and hours of service requirements
Configure the rules UI to change prioritization of any element, including customer, state, toll routes, etc.

Customize driver instructions and proof of delivery

Enforce load acknowledgements, limit load details, and deliver customer-specific instructions to the driver
Handle schedule changes gracefully by pushing new information to the driver via app or text
Capture proof of delivery requirements through image and document uploads, with validation before the driver can move on to the next load

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Stop wrangling spreadsheets to create suboptimal schedules
Start optimizing your fleet to maximize revenue per mile
Leverage our flexible tech stack
Logistics Management
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