Demand Planning & Replenishment

Increase inventory turns by correlating your inventory and demand data
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88% of spreadsheets have errors. How many millions will yours cost?

Systemize forecasting and avoid  human error

Don't leave revenue on the table. Stock up on your winners and avoid slow-movers with a demand planning solution that pulls all your data into one place, systemizes calculations, monitors lead times, and automates reorders.

Spot Trends

Analyze quickly and automatically pull data from disparate systems across all business units and partners, with or without APIs.

Increase Revenue

Prevent lost sales from stockouts and avoid backorders by aligning supply and demand.

Forecast Confidently

Make better decisions by performing "what-if" scenario analysis on your comprehensive sales and supply data.

Accurately plan and forecast customer demand

Satisfy demand and set appropriate inventory levels with integrated forecasts based on historical sales trends
Generate inventory and production plans to automatically share with operations teams and stakeholders to ensure visibility across your organization
Reduce errors and flag outliers with visually rich dashboards and insights by product group, warehouse location, customer segment and more
Automate decision-making on inventory plans to control when and how much human intervention is required
Improve forecast and plan accuracy by integrating additional data sources and layering in human decision-making, helping your team manage by exceptions

Rely on accurate data to have the inventory you need

Never run out of stock again by correlating on-hand, on-order and in-transit inventory with demand across all your channels
Right-size your inventory levels by factoring in seasonality on a per-product basis
Avoid unfilled demand and canceled orders due to low stock levels
Natively integrate with external systems, including your ERP and WMS, to automatically ingest data and keep plans updated in real-time
Prioritize inventory reordering and decision-making using data points, such as sales volume and inventory value, automatically pulled and calculated from your ERP or other systems

Analyze and identify intelligent insights based on your data

Define KPIs and metrics specific to your business, so you can perform complex data aggregations and calculations
Perform scenario, what-if and sensitivity analysis to get the full picture of your inventory and demand position, so you can react in real-time by adjusting the bill of materials and inventory plans
Identify products at risk of going out of stock and automatically generate and send POs to vendors based on conditional triggers
Automatically call out outliers and anomalies caused by seasonality, promotions, competitive products and more

Pull data from anywhere into a central location

Quickly adapt to changes in market conditions to stay ahead of the competition
Amplify your forecasting demand processes by building nuances and complexities directly into PorterLogic
Pull data without human intervention or manual data wrangling from even the most complicated spreadsheets
Connect to cloud-based file storage solutions, including Google Drive, Dropbox and SharePoint, or pull data from shared local drives or FTP sites. No need to manually upload your spreadsheets!
Stop losing sales from preventable stockouts
Start using a flexible demand planning solution built to your exact needs
Leverage our flexible tech stack
Demand Planning & Replenishment
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PorterLogic helps supply chains operate leaner and meaner

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