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Directors of Distribution Systems

Everyone in your organization will benefit from PorterLogic. We have designed our platform from the ground up to solve the problems we saw in traditional supply chain software.

Enable faster implementations and easier integrations

Forget months or years. We’re talking days or weeks. Get your systems connected and your processes up and running quicker than ever before. A combination of innovative system features and industry-leading best practices enable implementations faster than you thought possible.

Free up your IT and support team to do real work

Your support teams spend more time fighting fires than actually working on new initiatives. Sound like your company? PorterLogic is the easiest system you will ever troubleshoot, with UI-based logging and automated error handling, your teams will gain hours back in their days to accomplish real work.

Respond to business needs by empowering citizen developers

Instead of your IT team being inundated with a mountain of email requests for new features and functionality, allow nontechnical business users to create high-level business process workflows, and let our system automatically convert those into technical steps. Your IT team just spends time tweaking, instead of trying to understand what your business users actually want.

Ease your system support, maintenance, and upgrades

The biggest challenge with maintaining and upgrading supply chain systems is the custom functionality unique to your business. Unburden your core systems from that custom code, making it easier to support and upgrade your software.

PorterLogic helps DS directors.

At the end of the day, you want to ship more boxes to your customers. You can better serve your customers and keep your advantage over you competitors. Choose PorterLogic and be the hero at your company.

PorterLogic Platform

Find out the key features that make PorterLogic different. Achieve your supply chain goals with a platform that empowers you to real work.

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From retail and wholesale to pharma and foodservice, and everywhere in between, our platform is designed to work for your needs.

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