Eliminate Kitting, VAS, and Repack Inefficiencies, Errors With PorterLogic

Download this example use case and discover how PorterLogic can help a company stop dreading value-added services while helping them increase efficiency and revenue.

What's inside:

What problem can PorterLogic solve? VAS are necessary evils, and WMS's are often challenged with managing these customer-compliance requirements. These ancillary services are often extremely manual, or companies are forced to modify their WMS with expensive custom enhancements, which can be inflexible and no longer work when a customer’s requirements change.

How can PorterLogic help? With PorterLogic, companies can design VAS process flows and screens that can integrate seamlessly with their WMS. Now, team members no longer have to manually complete VAS processes, they can focus on other value-add tasks.

What are the benefits? Companies can stop dreading VAS and customer-compliance changes. Their warehouse’s overall efficiency can increase, sales can improve and their team members can focus on other tasks.

Porter Logic
Use Case
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Kitting, VAS and Repack are often dreaded, but with PorterLogic’s custom-designed screens contain interactive inputs and conditional flows that help team members easily complete VAS tasks.
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