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Connecting systems is the lifeblood of supply chain. So why is it still so hard to make two systems talk?

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Connect systems without the need for SME’s from both systems sitting in the same room matching up fields

What’s the hardest part about traditional integration design? You need team members from both systems sitting in the same room mapping fields together. How inefficient! Our integration platform allows users to map fields to common objects on their own time, enabling faster and more accurate integrations.

Let our proprietary algorithms automatically map fields between messages

As if asynchronous mapping wasn’t enough, we’ve taken it a step further. Our proprietary, first-of-its-kind matching algorithm can automatically map fields between two systems. Simply upload a sample file from each system, and let our platform do the rest! Plus you can always make tweaks or edits if the computers don’t get it right.
Test integration flows asynchronously without the need for both systems to be online

How many times has end-to-end testing been stalled because one system is down? You’ve gathered teams from eight different systems together, just to have to come back the next day because one server went down for unexpected maintenance. No more! Enable end-to-end testing even if one or more connected systems are unavailable.

Module UI Kit

Connect new systems without editing existing message flows

Have you ever had headaches caused by changes to one system that cascade and cause unforeseen errors in another? Our integration layer is different. Freely make changes and connect new systems without the worry of breaking existing integration flows.

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