Customizable UIs

Fully Customizable Screens

It's about time your people enjoyed your supply chain software. Build user interfaces to mimic how work actually gets done.

Module UI Kit

Easily add any data element or input field to any screen

When we say “fully customizable,” we mean it. Not just checkboxes to control screen flow. Full blown, 100% controllable and adaptable screens, without code. Add any piece of data to any screen, and with our built-in components kit, adding form inputs, grids, and buttons is as easy as drag and drop. Plus with granular controls for things like conditional field rendering, tabbing order, and more to make screens that work exactly how you need.

Collect information on web or mobile, from barcode scanners and keyboards

Dynamic screens can be designed for both web browsers and mobile devices, with integrated support for both barcode scanners and mobile keyboards. And with our web-based mobile platform, you can forget the headache of keeping devices synced and up to date. Simply access your mobile web browser and you’re ready to go with the latest workflow versions.
Employ field-level user permissions to meticulously control access to every page, button, and action in your application

With mission critical supply chain systems, user access is at the forefront of importance. Simply and easily attach permissions to individual fields and screens to control exactly who has access to what information and actions. Empower your people with the access they need while maintaining the peace of mind that your system is secure.

Module UI Kit

Dynamically control rendering of fields and entire screens

Traditional supply chain software screens are brittle and inflexible. We give you the tools to make your screens work exactly the way you need them to. Only need to capture an attribute for a certain type of product? Great, with just a few clicks, you’re on your way to a better experience for your end users.

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