Flexible Automated Workflows

Workflows allow for unlimited possibilities. Break the handcuffs traditionally associated with supply chain software customizations.

Module UI Kit

Mimic any business process without the constraints of traditional software

Our workflow-based configuration is completely flexible. Drag and drop screens, data requests, logic blocks, and so much more. With just a few clicks, you have the tools to assemble software the way you want. Plus, our platform can auto-generate technical steps from high-level business process maps to make building even easier.

Do real work with automation, more than just support tickets and vacation requests

Have you ever noticed that most workflow tools only allow you to automate simple, repetitive tasks, like support tickets and vacation requests? We see workflows as much more powerful. By combining workflows with native integration and screen building, we give you all the tools you need to make your software work for you.
Forget custom code, low-code is the future

Coding is inefficient. It’s inflexible. And it’s expensive and time consuming to make changes. As software engineers, we love code, but we recognize that businesses need a better solution than custom coded modifications to make their systems work. Our low-code platform gives you all the flexibility of code without the headache of traditional software development.

Module UI Kit

Enable modern agile development with built-in multi-environment deployment

Our platform has native and integrated support for multiple deployment environments, including dev, test, stage, and prod. Gone are the days of remembering which URL and port to access the right environment. With just a click, you can move between environments and publish workflows between different levels. Plus with automatic workflow versioning, quickly revert an environment to a previous state if errors arise.

You can be a hero with PorterLogic.

Do things in your supply chain that you never thought were possible. Choose PorterLogic and be the hero at your company.

A solution for you

PorterLogic is built to help everyone in your supply chain. Achieve your supply chain goals with a platform that empowers you to real work.

We help all levels

From supply chain executives to implementation consultants and everywhere in between, our platform is designed to make your life easier.

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