Tech Specs

Secure, robust, scalable

PorterLogic was built cloud-native from day one, using advanced technology and the latest best practices to keep your data safe and secure

Data security

We take security and privacy very seriously

Our technology was designed with security in mind from the beginning. Contrary to most systems, we don't require you to move or store data in PorterLogic. Our solution is designed to layer on top of or in between your core systems. When a logic executes, we gather the data we need and release it when the LogicFlow completes. This gives you complete control and flexibility over how your data is used and stored.

Google Cloud Platform

Our technology runs on GCP infrastructure that automatically scales to handle increases in traffic.


PorterLogic is built using a modern microservices and containerized architecture.

Why the cloud?

Cloud services allow us to take advantage of new solution architectures previously not available. You no longer have to worry about time-consuming, risky software upgrades. We can immediately push fixes and patches to specific company environments. We believe all software will end up in a cloud-based model.