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Your industry will benefit from PorterLogic. We have designed our platform from the ground up to solve the problems we saw in traditional supply chain software.

Comply with fine-grain food safety requirements

Industries like pharma and foodservice have some of the strictest regulations out there, and for good reason - to protect the health and welfare of the consumer. Enable your systems to keep up with the most detailed requirements without replacing your current software.

Adapt your systems to support multiple temperature zones

A challenge unique to the food industry is the need for storing product in different temperature zones, and then often bringing those products together on a single order to ship to customers. Our low-code customizations enable multi-temp zone operations without custom coded modifications on your underlying systems.

Enable detailed load and route planning to support food delivery

Food products are at their most vulnerable when they are on the truck enroute to the customer. Even small delays and disruptions can lead to spoilage and bad product. Build extremely detailed functionality to meet your business requirements without the need for expensive and inefficient custom code.

Improve visibility into your inventory and operations

Modern supply chains have a multitude of different systems that all must interact in order to deliver for your customers. Our platform can connect to multiple independent systems and bring all of your data and operations together in one place.

PorterLogic is built for foodservice.

At the end of the day, you want to ship more boxes to your customers. You can better serve your customers and keep your advantage over your competitors. Choose PorterLogic and be the hero at your company.

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