Automate manual processes

Workflow Automation

Reduce costs and save time by automating tedious and complex manual processes. Launch in weeks and banish spreadsheet workarounds.
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How many manual workarounds does it take to fulfill one customer order?

Put your time to better use

Your team’s time is better spent making decisions, not wrangling data. Take back control of your schedule and eliminate extra costs by automating more than just repetitive, tedious tasks.

Save Time

Banish error-prone, time-consuming spreadsheets and eliminate manual processes, freeing up your team to work on high-value initiatives.

Empower Employees

Boost employee satisfaction by eliminating mundane, tedious manual tasks and refocus your team to higher value-add initiatives.

Increase Revenue

Launch revenue-focused projects not previously possible instead of devoting your team’s talents to completing error-prone manual processes.

Stop spending time manually wrangling data
Start automating processes and filling the gaps in your systems
Leverage our flexible application platform

Ditch your spreadsheets in weeks

PorterLogic replaces spreadsheet-driven processes and fills the gaps between existing systems to reduce costs and streamline operations for supply chain organizations.

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