Returns Management

Stop losing money on returns and automate your reverse logistics decision-making with a flexible solution. Launch in weeks and recoup full value on returned items.
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Eliminate Errors

Systemize your reverse logistics operations with complex decision-tree logic custom-tailored to your exact needs, eliminating the need for human decision-making.

Capture Full Value

Recoup maximum value from returned products by using real-time scenario analysis and forecasting to determine the best next steps for your inventory.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate manual returns processing by systemizing business logic.

Optimize warehousing reverse logistics operations

Guide your warehouse associates with a step-by-step, automated returns process configured to your specific products, data points and needs
Add conditional logic to flag certain returns for additional processing
Shorten your back-to-stock time and recapture value from returned inventory faster
Maintain standards and compliance across multiple facilities by removing subjectivity around decision-making
Eliminate unnecessary manual, human-driven processes and reduce labor costs

Provide excellent customer experience

Drive brand loyalty with a seamless returns experience that keeps customers updated with configurable email and text notifications
Support returns initiated through your customer support team, retail stores or third-party marketplaces, such as Amazon or Shopify
Alleviate inventory shortages and stockouts by allowing customers to repurchase returned inventory faster
Improve customer experience by reducing how long it takes for your team to figure out what to do with a return

Make intelligent decisions based on real-time data

Keep team members and decision-makers informed with a customizable control tower and dashboards
Get actionable insights and automated alerts for spikes in returns related to certain products, channels or vendors, helping you monitor performance metrics
Automatically determine if an item should be returned to stock, based on product and order attributes as well as human input from inspections and audits
Integrate with your inventory and warehouse management systems and your e-commerce front end, so you can use real-time inventory data to make decisions and automatically increase purchasable inventory
Automate the return authorization process with your vendors with integrated decision-making capabilities

Connect your entire ecosystem

Natively integrate with external data sources, such as wholesaler APIs, to get real-time price data
Connect to internal systems to issue refunds to customers at different points of the process
Directly integrate with your e-commerce front end that allows customers to manage returns to augment decision-making
Stop manually managing returns
Start using a returns management solution built to your exact needs
Leverage our flexible application stack
Returns Management
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