Distributed Order Management

Capture more order demand with a lightweight OMS optimized to your unique fulfillment needs. Launch in weeks and enjoy the savings.
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How often are you late on fulfilling orders?

Meet two-day delivery requirements

Your OMS should fit your business like a glove. With complete real-time location-level visibility into all of your inventory, your supply chain can continue to be your brand’s secret weapon.

Reduce Costs

Decrease shipping costs by optimizing where orders are fulfilled, including from retail locations a traditional OMS might not consider.

Increase Revenue

Avoid stockouts, shorten lead times, and capture customer demand by fulfilling orders more efficiently.

Save Time

Eliminate the need to manually coordinate orders to warehouses, helping you fulfill orders with increased efficiency and accuracy.

Stop manually orchestrating order fulfillment
Start making sense of your inventory ecosystem and automate your fulfillment decisions
Leverage our flexible application platform

​​Launch your order management solution in weeks

PorterLogic replaces spreadsheet-driven processes and fills the gaps between existing systems to reduce costs and streamline operations for supply chain organizations.

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