Labor Management

Unlock visibility in your employees’ performance with a lightweight labor management solution. Launch in weeks and feel the uplift in productivity.
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Do you know how much time your workforce spends on certain tasks?

Optimize your workforce to maximize your throughput

Increase productivity by gaining visibility into performance, eliminating manual workarounds and reducing reliance on legacy knowledge.

Drive Decisions

Gain insights with the exact reporting structure you want by connecting data from your WMS and time-tracking systems.

Empower Employees

Optimize your workforce’s efficiency through gamification and incentive programs.

Save Time

Avoid manually pulling data from multiple systems by centralizing your labor data and compiling custom reports in one place.

Empower your most valuable asset: your people

Automatically correlate your direct labor actions based on warehouse activities, including putaway, picking and packing
Keep tabs on what's happening in your facilities with dashboards and role-based reports tailored for all levels of leadership
Accurately capture indirect time to correctly calculate true labor costs and identify gaps in your operations
Perform complex calculations, such as travel distance determinations, to optimize your resources and effectively utilize time
Enable intelligent, data-driven decision-making to increase warehouse throughput and on-time order fulfillment with actionable insights

Incentivize your team based on performance

Implement fully configurable incentivization models to reward your employees based on performance-related factors
Automatically update your payroll or HR systems without manually downloading performance data and hand-keying information
Establish picking goals based on product, location and order attributes and incentivize your employees with realistic targets that help boost productivity

Optimize efficiency and performance through gamification and self-motivation

Motivate your team with modern game mechanics, including like leaderboards, picking competitions, progress bars, badges and awards programs
Fully integrate with rewards systems and marketplaces to allow employees to cash in on good performance with gifts and bonuses
Plan and schedule labor to meet productivity standards and help control costs with a unified view

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Stop losing productivity hours
Start using a labor management solution built to your exact needs
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Labor Management
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